Biocontinental – the Rabbit Brain Powder supplier to the largests IVD Coagulation Companies in the world. Read our our portfolio. For further information please contact us. In Compliance to EC 1069/2009 and EU 142/2011.

  Compliance EC 1069/2009 EU 142/2011

Our Business

Rabbit Brain Acetone Powder for Low ISI Thromboplastin | Biocontinental

Coagulation Raw Material

For over 25 years Biocontinental has developed high quality rabbit brainacetone powder for coagulation tests that stands up to high demanding international protocols . Rabbit brain powder are produced in two types: Regular ISI thromboplastin reagent. Low ISI thromboplastin reagent

For Coagulation – Thromboplastin PT Reagent | Biocontinental

Other animal by-products

Biocontinental produces a wide variety  of animal by-products used as raw materials for life science research, for Coagulation, Immunology and other autoimmune IVD area such as Rabbit and Calf Thymus and/or Spleen powders.

Services | Biocontinental


Our biotechnical team is capable of producing large scale IVD and Cosmetic products with quality control that meets our Partners’ specifications. We can produce Rabbit Brain Powder according to your company´s technical requirements and protocols.

 | Biocontinental

Quality Control

Biocontinental´s activities are rigorously in comply with the quality control required by international agencies – EC and USA – including the HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP.

News & Events
    • MEDICA 2017 - Dusseldorf / DE
Biocontinental will marketing updates about our Liquid PT ISI 1.0 Ready-to-Use at at MEDICA Düsseldorf 2017. If you are interest please call or e-mail us scheduling a meeting.
      • AACC - US
Biocontinental was present July / 2017. What a great show! Our Liquid Coagulation products are on demand now!
        • Liquid Coagulation Line of Products
Biocontinental is launching our ready-to-use Liquid Coagulation line of products such as Liquid PT, Liquid aPTT, Fibrinogen and TT. Soon you'll be shown more details of our products.

About Biocontinental

laboratoryEstablished in 1989, BioContinental is specialized in the research and production of products for the IVD Industry. Its major product, accepted worldwide is BioContinental Rabbit Brain Acetone Powder. BioContinental also produces Calf Thymus Acetone Powder and Extract for Immunology; Rabbit Blood derivatives – whole blood, plasma and serum. Clients are major in-vitro diagnostics companies in the demanding markets of Europe and USA. BioContinental is the right outsourced manufacturer of your IVD reagents.

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